The Divine Liturgy schedule for the week of February 24 - March 4, 2018 is:

Holy Ghost Weekly Services

Second Sunday of Lent

Saturday      February 24    6:00 PM 

Sunday        February 25    9:30 AM  Second Sunday of Lent

                                        11:00 AM 

Monday        February 26    No Divine Liturgy

Tuesday       February  27   No Divine Liturgy

Wednesday   February 28    12:00 PM  Akafist to the Passion of Jesus

                                        5:30 PM  Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Thursday      March 1         No Divine Liturgy

Friday          March 2         12:00 PM  Stations of the Cross

                                        5:30 PM  Sorokousty: Remembrance of the Dead

Saturday      March 3         6:00 PM

Sunday        March 4         9:30 AM  Third Sunday of Lent: Veneration of the Cross

                                       11:00 AM


Note:  Sunday Morning Divine Liturgy is now 9:30 AM for Fall and Winter